Rolfe Schmidt

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Math Education

For the last three years, a major effort of mine has been my involvement with Epsilon and Delta Camps, where I am academic director.  If you have or know a mathy elementary-school aged child, please have a look.

Beyond the camps, I have been thinking about mathematics and mathematics education for a long time.  My math education blogs and writing are offline for now, but I hope to clean them up and make them available in the future.

Sometimes I write software to help my kids explore a concept. Here are a few that may be of more general interest


I meddle in things academic from time to time. To see the detritus of these efforts, have a look at these links


Since graduate school, I have worked on a variety of software development projects ranging from mining proteomic data to scheduling countertop fabrication. I love projects that have demanding performance requirements and stimulating mathematical or statistical challenges as part of the development. Once fun pet project I worked on a couple of years ago was a library for sensor calibration and data access from microcontrollers. You can peruse it here:

  • muCSense Git repository: an Arduino library for accessing and calibrating sensors.
  • A blog describing various algorithms for sensor calibration, how to access a variety of sensors, and detailed descriptions of the design and usage of muCSense code.
  • Code from this library and blog has been incorporated in DIY Drones and MHVLib.